Levy rate amount for business/commercial (Class 3/4)

To know how this will affect your property taxes:
  1. Take the assessed value of your property. If you do not know it, use this link to find it: http://putnam.softwaresystems.com/index.html
  2. Multiply your assessed value (not appraised value) by the following:
    • Class 3/4:         .00120

60% of that amount will be to support the Putnam County Fire/Rescue Service.
The current fire fee will be suspended if the levy passes.

40% of the increase will be to support the Putnam County Emergency Medical Services.

Assessed real estate value (Class 2):$ 175,000.00
Special levy rate:x .00120
Total for special levy tax increase:$ 210.00
40% Emergency Medical Services:$ 84.00
60% Fire/Rescue Services:$ 126.00
(Fire fee no longer collected)