Q.  When is the fire fee due?
A.  It is due when you receive the statement.  It must be paid no later than October 31st of that year to prevent late fees from being assessed on November 1st.

Q. Why should I pay this fee when I live so far out? You won’t be able to save my house.
A. The fee is used to provide more than just fire suppression.  These are the same people who respond to motor vehicle accidents, ATV accidents, lost person searches, trees down, high water, and much more.

Q.  Can I pay over the phone and do you accept credit/debit cards?
A.  Yes!  You can now pay with your credit/debit card. (2.49% bank surcharge is added to the payment).

Q.  Is this fee an optional donation?
A.  No, this fee is part of WV State Code implemented by the Putnam County Commission.  It is not associated with any individual Fire Department fundraising that would be optional.

Q. When does the Putnam County Fire Service Board meet?
A.  The Fire Service Board is scheduled to meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:00pm.

Q. How do I request exoneration papers to fill out?
A. You need to call our office at (304) 586-5370 option 8, and we will mail you a form to fill out and return back to us.  The Fire Service Board will review your form and determine if you qualify according to federal guidelines.  A new form must be filled out each year.