Board Members Terms & Defintions

Putnam County Fire Service Board Members

The seven representatives are chosen to represent the following areas:

1. One County Commissioner – Chosen by the Putnam County Commission.

2. Citizen Representative, District 1 – Representing Buffalo, Midway, Eleanor, Poca, Confidence, Hometown, Bancroft, Rock Branch, Red House, and Fraziers Bottom.

3. Citizen Representative, District 2 – Representing Winfield, Scott Depot, Eastbrook, Hurricane Creek, Valley Park, and Interstate to Scary Creek.

4. Citizen Representative, District 3 – Representing Hurricane, Lakeside, Hurricane Middle, Teays, Mt. View, West Teays

5. Fire Association Representatives – Three members of the Putnam County Fire Association, nominated by the Association’s representatives.


Terms of the Board Members

The County Commissioner is appointed to the Board, and serves until the Putnam County Commission chooses to replace the representative.

All other Board Members serve a term of three years, and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.  The representative may serve again in the future, but not more than two consecutive terms.