Putnam Fire Service


On Nov. 8th, the Putnam County residents will be voting on a Special Levy that will determine the future of the fire/rescue service in Putnam County.

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Welcome to the Putnam County Fire Service website. This site is intended to help keep the communities of Putnam County, WV informed about topics and issues related to the Fire Service.  It also provides a communication method for the Putnam County Fire Service Board.

It is the mission and goal of the Putnam County Fire Service to protect life and property.  Putnam County, WV is predominately a volunteer fire service.  This means the men and women that train regularly, have careers and jobs outside of the Fire Service, give up time with family, children and friends, and do so unselfishly and without pay or compensation.  They are citizens of this county who donate their time, effort, and abilities, to help project our county.

Fire Departments in Putnam County, WV  respond to nearly 4000 calls a year.  Including structure fires, motor vehicle collisions, search and rescues, brush fires, medical calls, assistance to EMS, downed power lines, trees blocking roadways, illegal burns, children locked in vehicles,  gas leaks, missing persons, ATV accidents, and Haz-Mat calls.